Our Apprentice Master exhibitions continue online. Each group will present the result of their collaboration on our website and social media. These presentations will each be on show for two weeks. 



Koes Staassen (1985) ties invisible knots with curtain ropers, explores desire with soft lines, folds bodies with a lustful eye. Sensual works created after intimate experiences with friends and objects. Erotic, sometimes dangerous, always tender and subversive.

Image: Koes Staassen, Treasure Hiding III (A. P. July 13 2016), 2016. Coloured pencil/acrylic/ink on paper. (c) Galerie Cokkie Snoei

Website | Koes Staassen at Cokkie Snoei


Beatrijs Rümke (1993): Human, artist, collector of branches, writer, binder of books, researcher of time, drinker of tea and paint water, lover of glitter, drawer of horses, archivist of days, carer of books, plants, bones and teeth. 

Website | https://www.beatrijsrumke.nl


Harm In ‘t Groen (1991). From an omnistic viewpoint questioning the world. Objects that ask for a touch and by means of this touch of the material create an awareness. So that the observer can embrace his own truth. 

Website | http://meneergroeneman.nl


Froukje de Boer (1994) makes living environments for objects. (Failed) structures figure as a base in striving for a continuity in which an object as material stands alone and proceeds in transformation.

Website | http://www.froukjedeboer.nl 


As researcher of thoughts, stories, visual stimulants and unconventional materials Iris Schuurs (1993) hopes to be able to share the emotion that she puts into her multimedial work. Often with a nod to science or pseudoscience. Searching for a technical application to accomplish her complex work. 

Website | https://www.irisschuurs.nl

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