The long-term projects Birthe Leemeijer undertakes are done almost exclusively on location. Birthe actively seeks out meaningful collaborations with society’s many social layers in order to discover the essence and peculiarity of a place. By creating connections and entering unexpected relationships she challenges preconceived notions and disrupts how we think about a space. Nature and the value we attach to it plays an increasingly important role in her work.

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Roos Vogels does not seek to romanticise nature, nor is she working from a political or moral position. She is concerned however with the knowledge and insight we gain by interac- ting with the physical world and the materiality of things. What happens when two forces meet each other and how they seem to transcend into some- thing new, is something that she thoroughly investigates. Connection and longing, trying to grasp the magic of natural phenomena, is what she captures in her work.

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Gromolls artistic practice is built upon peculiar personal captivations with subjects in nature that are often overlooked yet may be found abundantly even in the most common of places. A methodical approach consisting of the collecting, preserving and analyzing of various natural objects is often the starting point from which her artworks grow. They are minimal interventions in order to illuminate an aspect, display the subject in the most genuine manner. Her artworks aim to question the use and appropriation of nature in the name of our cultural identity and to make a subtle plea for us to examine this very balance and open a dialogue with nature in our lives.

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The miracle is dying, the viewer with her.

By carrying out interventions, documenting phenomena and using multiple photographic techniques

Koen Kievits is trying the research the value of the mystery in a disenchanted world.

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Leonard Passchier wants to achieve a long lasting tension with this project between the spectator and his art practice. It’s a dream, a promise, an image to the future that begins today. A dot on the horizon, that is slowly coming closer.

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Kunstpodium T herkent en ondersteunt kunsttalent met kennisuitwisseling en experiment.

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