• 18 Mar – 4 Apr 2021 •

Wentelteefjes is an artists’ collective, founded in 2016 by 4 artists from Arnhem. Together with participants they organise festive, interdisciplinary exhibitions in which the main focus lies with experimentation and connection. The name ‘Wentelteefjes’ came to be because of their nomadic existence. The organisation remains flexible and without obligation by adjusting themselves to each location.

This seventh edition, Wentelteefjes comes to Kunstpodium T with an exclusive regarding the work of three upcoming artists: Sander van Noort, WONNE and Zwaantje Kurpershoek.

Wentelteefjes selected these young aritists because all of them display a drive to find their limits and dissect the overlap between reality and association. Watch the playful narratives they create in awe. The childlike world, full of monsters and other beings, causes certain surprise in the eye of the beholder. Whether it’s understated or challenging: all of them communicate their experiences through their sculptures.