“Good artists steal, bad artists copy,” spoke Banksy that borrowed it from Picasso, who borrowed it from TS Elliot, who borrowed it from another poet. The idea that artists are authentic geniuses that stand on the shoulders of giants, has remained quite persistent. With contemporary artists it is the case that many are inspired by predecessors.

Yearmaster 2019/2020 Niek Hendrix will close off the season with a curated exhibition. Which artist is a clear source of inspiration for you and how does this show in your work?

Are you old, young, well-known or not even graduated yet? That’s all fine. Send it your application before Sunday 20 September 23.59 to info@lost-painters.nl. More details can be found on the website of Lost Painters!

Transport: Monday 28 or Tuesday 29 September bringing it to Kunstpodium T in Tilburg (there is a travel fee available)
Opening moment: Thursday 1 October
Publically open: Friday 2 to Sunday 25 October
Taking down: Monday 26 October