On Thursday 10 October the exhibition ‘Draw the Line’ will open, a collaboration between Wobby.club and Kunstpodium T. In this expo we will show sketchbooks and drawings from many different artists, as well as artworks that are the end result of their preparatory or researching sketches and drawings.
Participating artists are:
Iris van den Bersselaar, Lisa Blaauwbroek, Sanne Boekel, Vince Donders, Tim Enthoven, Willem de Haan, Kamagurka, Jelmer Konjo, Jeroen de Leijer, Tja Ling, Floor Rieder, Rogier Roeters, Fieke Ruitinga, Toni van Tiel, Manon van Trier, Fabrice Souvereyns, Jose Quintanar and Nina van de Ven.

The exhibition opens on Thursday evening 20.00 at Kunstpodium T and will be on show until Sunday 3 November.


Wobby.club is founded by visual artists Jeroen de Leijer, Marjolein Schalk and Steppie Lloyd Trumpstein in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Since 2015 Wobby.club publishes and prints the independent Risograph magazine Wobby 4 times a year, with various guest artists. Besides Wobby, we publish artists books, Risograph prints and other publications. Wobby.club also publishes special (commissioned) editions.

Wobby.club regularly organises projects and events, bringing artists and public together. We curate expositions like Wobbyaanland and organise the zine fest Wobby Wonderland. We host a live radio show, Radio WobTit and work together with festivals like Graphic Matters and Tilt. Wobby.club likes to share the Riso Evangelism through workshops.