Apprentice Master expo #8: Monuments, But Not Heavy | TAC, Eindhoven.
17 May – 3 June.
Jochem Rotteveel (master)
Anestis Ioannou (Brussels)
Lieve Rutte (Utrecht)
Demi Levy (Nottingham)

‘Radical gestures that create ephemeral pieces, defying conventions, institutions, and not in the least: time. That is how you could describe the works by Anestis Ioannou, Demi Levy, Lieve Rutte and Jochem Rotteveel. With a certain lightness, the works claim their space, creating a world of their own. They are echoes of architecture, urban landscape and contemporary painting. The echoes in return become entities in their own right. Monuments almost, but never institutions.’

At this eight exhibition in the Apprentice Master program of 2017/2018, Anestis Ioannou, Lieve Rutte and Demi Levy will be exhibiting with Jochem Rotteveel as their master.

The exhibition will take place from Thursday 17 May to Sunday 3 June 2018 at TAC in Eindhoven. The opening will be on Thursday 15 March at 20.00 to 23.00. During the opening, the artists will be present to give an introduction about their work. Come join us at the opening!

NOTE: The original date and location for this exhibition (previously Moira, Utrecht) have been changed to:
17 May to 3 June 2018 at TAC Eindhoven